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What are the different methods of drain cleaning?

If you're a homeowner, then no one knows the pain of clogged pipes better than you. And if it turns out to be a sewer replacement then there are chances that you might suffer a heart attack (just kidding) just by picturing relentless cash flow and additional labor charges. Keeping this aside, you must be interested in asking the drain cleaner of the methods that can be used to clean the drains, if you haven't but curious to know then worry not, we got you covered.Below are some of the commonly used methods in drain cleaning and you can book yours at https://sewerex.com/.

What are the different methods of drain cleaning?

Chemical drain cleaning

Chemical drain cleaning involves pouring of acids and alkaline into your sewer line. The acidic chemical tends to meet and displace the sewage waste. Also, these acidic and alkaline chemicals are readily available in the market. Sometimes they might damage your drain pipe due to its corrosive nature, therefore it is advised to consult a qualified plumber as he can choose and handle the chemical efficiently.

Air burst drain cleaning

Air burst drain cleaning imparts an accelerated gas like CO2 into the clogged drain pipe. The accumulation of CO2 gas creates an immense force inside the pipe which dislodges obstructing sludge or debris in comparison, air burst cleaning is far better and more efficient that chemical drain cleaning. The leading edge over others is its ability to sneak in complicated passages without leaving any type of marks or scratches inside the pipeline.

Motorized drain snakes

Motorized drain snakes can be referred as a modified version of conventional snake drain drain cleaning in denver. However, snake drain has limited functionality as compared to motorized drain snake and pro-grade drain snake. In the process, a coil of wire makes its way through the clogs along with retrieving the waste back or break apart. A motorized drain snake has the potential to clear out any clog or blockage in its way.

Hydro-jetting drain cleaning

This method involves a high-speed hot water jet stream that enters the pipeline through a hose or a small nozzle. Hydro-jetting method is extensively used due to its quick setup and guaranteed results. Moreover, the nozzle can produce a pressure up to 35,000 PSI. The soaring water jet utilizes its pressure and energy to unclog the build-up sludge one by one. Hydro-jetting drain clearing can easily throw out the obstinate sewer waste including food, hair clog, grease, residue, and plastics. However, if the damaged can’t be repaired then you have to bear the cost to replace sewer line

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